I used the complete weekend to refactor my small but effective ClearCache Plugin for the latest Croogo CMS version. Now the MIT license and the most important Composer JSON file with the Packagist is added.

The Croogo CMS ClearCache plugin is for clear cache in the tmp/cache folder.

Installation using Composer is straightforward and simple, view on Packagist and copy the JSON snippet for the latest version into your project's composer.json. would look like this:

    "require": {
        "lumaxw3b/croogo_clearcache": "dev-master"

Because this plugin has the type croogo-plugin set in it's own composer.json, composer knows to install it inside your /Plugin directory, rather than in the usual vendor directory. It is recommended that you add /Plugin/CsvView to your .gitignore file. (Why? Read this.)